Exciting News!

This academic year 2022-23 Colorado has a TUITION WAIVER  program for students attending public institutions statewide.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who worked together to get the bill passed; it’s great for students. Now, ETV & the Pell grant will meet other expenses so students can graduate debt free.

FC2S will no longer be administering the ETV program.  All funding and assistance are being administered by college financial aid offices in collaboration with the Dept. of Human Services Chafee Program and the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

If you recently completed an application, this information has been sent to the state, keep an eye on your email account, all sorts of good info will come your way.

Click here for more information:

Please understand that this is a new program, and everyone is collaborating to streamline the process  – have faith and trust that you will receive the funding you need to succeed.   If you have questions or concerns, email

It has been our honor and pleasure to administer the Colorado Education and Training Voucher Program and we wish everyone the best.