The Colorado Education and Training Voucher Program is a federally-funded, state-administered program designed to help youth who were in U.S. foster care. Students may receive up to $5,000 a year for qualified school related expenses. Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible students. Applicants must complete the ETV application which includes documentation each semester that is sent directly from the school to ETV confirming enrollment, the cost of attendance (COA) and unmet need.


    • You must be a current or former foster student who:
          • Was in foster care on or after their 18th birthday;


          • Had a finalized adoption with adoption assistance on or after their 16th birthday;


          • Had a guardianship assistance established on or after their 16th birthday;


          • Was in Division of Youth Services community placement on or after their 18th birthday


  • Has been accepted into/enrolled in a degree, certificate, or other accredited program at a college, university, technical, or vocational school.  To remain eligible for ETV funding, youth must show progress toward a degree or certificate; and
  • Is at least 17 years old and has not reached 26 years old to apply for ETV; and
  • Has accessed ETV funding less than the 5 year limit (consecutive or intermittent); and
  • Has personal assets totaling less than $10,000; and
  • Is a U.S. citizen or qualified alien.

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For more information, please call 800-585-6118×2 or email .  Our fax number is 855-773-8305.