MO Credential Completion & Employment (CCE)

CCE is a state-funded short-term financial assistance program to help youth successfully pursue an education or training pathway that leads to a recognized credential and entry into the workforce.

You’re eligible if:

  • You’re currently in care, left care after age 17 ½, or went into legal guardianship or adoption after age 14.
  • You’re between ages 19 and 25; you must have been accepted into CCE and be working towards a credential before your 25th birthday.
  • You ARE NOT eligible for ETV or the Missouri Reach Tuition Waiver, or other public education and training funding (such as a workforce stipend) without prior approval from the State of Missouri.

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How it works:

  • The program offers comprehensive funding and support for up to 12 months – including pre- and post-training time – while you earn a credential.
  • The credential must be earned in 9 months or less.
  • The maximum award amount is $8,000.
  • If you’re in a no-cost Workforce Program, CCE funds can be used for living assistance such as rent payments, gas cards, etc.
  • If you need 15 credits or less to earn an AA or BA/BS and you’ve used up all federal and state higher education funding (such as Pell and ETV), CCE funds may be used to pay tuition & fees and buy books.

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Other program components:

  • You complete a skills and abilities aptitude test to ensure you’re pursuing a career that’s right for you.
  • If you’re in default of federal student loans, you will be coached on starting a loan repayment plan.
  • You build an online success profile, recording personal and training goals and accomplishments and you receive support through required weekly phone meetings with an FC2S navigator.

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For more information, call (314) 207-7069 or email